Women only trips

The notion, women belong in the kitchen is slowly taking a turn. Over the years, women have been fond of travelling outdoors to experience new places. The time of travelling with kids and family has taken a back seat as women head out solo or in small groups on women only trips.

Today, travel is more than just sightseeing, it is about experiencing new places, food and meet new friends.

While many of you wonder about safety, our women only trips take care of all these concerns, letting you escape from reality. With us, you can now spend your much deserved me time, away from monotony and stress of work and daily chores at home.

We are known to organize some of the best offbeat, unusual and of course, memorable ladies only holidays that will surely leave you refreshed.

All our women only trips are customized as per your needs and the occasion to ensure you have a memorable time, make new friends and come back with travel moments that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life!

Our women travellers range from single moms,  Adventure Seekers, wine lovers, bikers, trekkers,  homemakers, lawyers and more.  Besides, we’ll also help you create a customized trip for your own women group!

So why spend your precious time planning a trip and arranging your stay?

Leave all the madness to us and join Wonderful World on some of the best women only trips that are worth visiting once in a lifetime.
Don't waste time, head to our women only trips page and check out our list of some of the best women only trips that you can go to.'Wonderful World’ is a Delhi-based, experiential women only tours and travel company that is redefining the way women travel in India.

Explore the Unknown: Arunachal Pradesh (West) (2)

17 ‐ 25 October, 2019

9 Days/8 Nights


Welcome to the Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains. A mass of densely forested, impossibly steep hills, and snow-capped peaks, Arunachal Pradesh is home to 26 indigenous tribes, from the Monpas of Tawang to the Apatanis of Ziro. Join us as we explore India’s wildest and least explored state, as it is popularly considered. But before …
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A Middle Eastern Sojourn: Jordan and Israel

3 ‐ 14 November, 2019

12 Days/11 Nights


Jordan and Israel, somewhat underrated destinations for the modern traveler, are slowly finding their way on to the tourist map. Join Wonderful World on this 12-day ultimate Jordan and Israel tour, crafted just for you. The hotels have been carefully chosen to ensure that we are centrally located and within charming environs, and, most importantly, do not end up spending a bomb!
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Sleepless in Turkey

6 ‐ 16 November, 2019

11 Days/10 Nights


Turkey is a charming land, where the earth is a work of art, filled with fairy chimneys and valleys, and the skies are an endless blue. There are hot air balloon rides at the crack of dawn and underground dwellings waiting to be explored.
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An Indo-chine Adventure: Vietnam and Cambodia

30 ‐ 10 December, 2019

11 Days/10 Nights


11 days of a complete sensory overload
Start with Cambodia. Catch an awe-inspiring sunrise over the world’s largest religious structure, Angkor Wat, explore the temples of Bayon and Banteay Srei, cycle around the paddy fields in the early evening, and dance the night away on Pub Street.
  • Stay on pub street in Siem Reap – the heart of all activity
  • Attend Phare – a well renowned Cambodian Circus
  • Take an unforgettable street-food tour in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Tour the Mekong Delta and Củ Chi tunnels
  • Visit Hội An – unmissable
  • Catch the water puppet show in Hanoi
  • Enjoy a luxurious boat cruise on Hạ Long Bay
  • Stay in centrally located 3 star and 4 star hotels.
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Inspirations of Chettinad – A Luxurious Getaway

13 ‐ 15 December, 2019

3 Days/2 Nights


As travellers, we’re often looking for undiscovered gems, looking to fly under the tourism radar. Karaikudi, somehow, defies the commercial tourism trend and remains blessedly authentic! Karaikudi, a group of 76 villages, is known for its famed Chettinad mansions–built by the incredibly prosperous and wealthy Nattukottai Chettiars in the 19th century. Just looking or admiring these …
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Ruins amongst the Boulders: Hampi, Anegundi, and Badami

25 ‐ 29 December, 2019

5 Days/4 Nights


Take a journey back in time to an age of splendour and glory. Feel the stress of city life fade away amidst boulder-strewn hills in the most magical part of the Tungabhadra Valley. At Hampi, the river unites two distinct cultures. We have the ancient, mysterious ruins of the Vijayanagara Empire, on the one hand, …
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Bucket List series 1 – (Hunting the Northern Lights, Feb-2020)

15 ‐ 23 February, 2020

9 Days/8 Nights


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The Last Shangri La: Bhutan

8 ‐ 14 March, 2020

7 Days/6 Nights


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