Women only trips

The notion, women belong in the kitchen is slowly taking a turn. Over the years, women have been fond of travelling outdoors to experience new places. The time of travelling with kids and family has taken a back seat as women head out solo or in small groups on women only trips.

Today, travel is more than just sightseeing, it is about experiencing new places, food and meet new friends.

While many of you wonder about safety, our women only trips take care of all these concerns, letting you escape from reality. With us, you can now spend your much deserved me time, away from monotony and stress of work and daily chores at home.

We are known to organize some of the best offbeat, unusual and of course, memorable ladies only holidays that will surely leave you refreshed.

All our women only trips are customized as per your needs and the occasion to ensure you have a memorable time, make new friends and come back with travel moments that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life!

Our women travellers range from single moms,  Adventure Seekers, wine lovers, bikers, trekkers,  homemakers, lawyers and more.  Besides, we’ll also help you create a customized trip for your own women group!

So why spend your precious time planning a trip and arranging your stay?

Leave all the madness to us and join Wonderful World on some of the best women only trips that are worth visiting once in a lifetime.
Don't waste time, head to our women only trips page and check out our list of some of the best women only trips that you can go to.'Wonderful World’ is a Delhi-based, experiential women only tours and travel company that is redefining the way women travel in India.

Women on Their Own Trip: 5 Reasons you must visit noway

Bucket List series 1 – (Hunting the Northern Lights, Feb-2020)

15 ‐ 23 February, 2020

9 Days/8 Nights


Would you like to be one of the few women that get to visit Norway?
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Women on Their Own Trip: 5 Reasons you must visit: Puducherry and Mahabalipuram

Sun & Serenity on East Coast : Puducherry and Mahabalipuram

28 ‐ 2 March, 2020

4 Days/3 Nights


Puducherry is a city of contradictions. From the firmly traditional saris and dhotis of the Aayyas (grandmas) and the That has (grandpas), the popular and modern café culture of the French, to the bohemian, and enigmatic lifestyle of the folks at Auroville … there is a little bit of something for everyone! Everyone who comes …
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Women on Their Own Trip: 5 Reasons you must visit

The Last Shangri La: Bhutan

8 ‐ 14 March, 2020

7 Days/6 Nights


Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, sandwiched between Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh is a bewitching country full of quirky surprises.
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Women on Their Own Trip: 5 Reasons you must visit korea

Chasing Cherry Blossoms and Inner Peace in South Korea

4 ‐ 11 April, 2020

8 Days/7 Nights


Get Rs 6000 off for bookings till 30th January  Rs.139900 Rs.133900
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Women on Their Own Trip: 5 Reasons you must visit andretta

Adventure in the Mountains # 6: Andretta & Bir

8 ‐ 12 April, 2020

5 Days/4 Nights


Are you looking for a break from the madness of the city and escape to idyllic surroundings and try something new? Wonderful World invites you to a 4-day break to experience the thrill of paragliding, try your hand at pottery, take a relaxed day trip to Dharamshala and Mc Leod Gunj and just relax in …
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Croatia_Split_Cathedral_of_Saint_Domnius Perpolis

Iran – A Walk in Persia

11 ‐ 19 April, 2020

9 Days/8 Nights


Historical facts about Iran include tales about the first great Persian emperor Darius 1, way back in 330 BC. Since then, the country has been ruled, conquered, ransacked and built back to its incredible greatness again and again. It’s been 30 years since the last war ended, and there have been embargos and sanctions since. …
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Paradise on Earth – Mechuka, Arunachal Pradesh

11 ‐ 19 April, 2020

9 Days/8 Nights


Get Rs 2500 off for bookings till 30th January  Rs.49500 Rs.47000
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Croatia, Dubrovnik, Old City and cathedral

A Balkan Escape: Croatia (Optional – Slovenia extension)

9 ‐ 16 May, 2020

8 Days/7 Nights


Get Rs 5000 off for bookings till 30th January  Rs.119000 Rs.114000
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Women on Their Own Trip: 5 Reasons you must visit korea

The Roof of the World: Tibet

10 ‐ 20 May, 2020

11 Days/10 Nights


From stunning views of some of the world’s highest mountains, magnificent monasteries, an aura of peace,
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