Norway, The Land of the Midnight Sun

24 ‐ 2 August, 2018

10 Days/9 Nights


Bucket List Series # 3 – The Land of the Midnight Sun – Norway We have been going to Norway to chase the Northern lights for the last couple of years and every year we think about taking a cruise along those fjords in the summer! This year is the year that we hope to …
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TRULY Spiti – An in Depth Journey

11 ‐ 22 August, 2018

12 Days/11 Nights


TRULY Spiti – An in Depth Journey If your idea of an experience is similar to ours – slow paced, in depth, with lots of interaction with the locals – then this one is for you! No rush – come soak it all in. The landscape is magical, the people are warm and simple and …
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Masinagudi and Gudalur: Of Jungle Safaris and Tea Gardens

12 ‐ 15 August, 2018

4 Days/3 Nights


Masinagudi Jungle Hut and Gudalur Tea Estate It’s been a while since Wonderful World has had a jungle getaway trip. We were waiting for the stars to align and we were looking for the perfect getaway for you. We wanted to try something deep in the jungles and tea estates of South India and we …
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A Walk in the Clouds – Meghalaya

27 ‐ 2 October, 2018

6 Days/5 Nights


Meghalaya – aptly named “abode of the clouds” – is a series of hill ranges running east to west that are named after the tribes that live there; the Jaintia Hills, the Khasi Hills and the Garo Hills. These forest covered ranges (tropical jungle in the lower reaches yielding to pine higher up) separate Assam’s …
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Colors of the Wind: Autumn in South Korea

13 ‐ 20 October, 2018

8 Days/7 Nights


Colors of the Wind: Autumn in South Korea Korea has intrigued us for a while now, and we were there last year to work out an exciting itinerary for you. And, we believe that we have done so. So come and explore this tantalizingly and unexplored slice of East Asia with us? Visit the cities …
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The Great Greek Escape

14 ‐ 22 October, 2018

9 Days/8 Nights


Thinking about a Wonderful World trip to Greece raised my levels of anxiety…just a little. One: I was not so much of a beach person. Two: I was a bit sceptical about Greece living up to all the amazing brochures that I had seen since I was a liitle girl.
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Arunachal Pradesh — The Road Less Traveled

20 ‐ 28 October, 2018

9 Days/8 Nights


Virginal Arunachal Pradesh, literally the ‘Land of Dawn-lit Mountains’, is a mass of dense forests and steep hills. It is home to 26 indigenous tribes including the Monpas of Tawang and the Apatanis of Ziro. Arunachal also probably has the last sanctuary for India’s natural and anthropological heritage. We will start our journey in Assam with two …
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Sleepless in Turkey

11 ‐ 20 November, 2018

10 Days/9 Nights


Cappadocia had me at “Hello”! It doesn’t take much more than that to fall in love with a land that’s been described as a song. A song created by rain and wind that’s been sung for thousands of years.
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Myanmar: A Land of Pagodas and Palaces

25 ‐ 2 December, 2018

8 Days/7 Nights

$1850 $1800

Yangon‐Bagan‐Inle‐Yangon We went on our maiden trip to Myanmar in December 2016, and ever since we haven’t been able to stop talking about this spectacular country. So, we have decided to go overboard and make Myanmar our yearly destination, of which you can be a part too. We will start our trip from Yangon, the …
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All Women’s Tour to the Last Shangri La

1 ‐ 8 December, 2018

8 Days/7 Nights


All Women’s Tour to the Last Shangri La Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, sandwiched between Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh is a bewitching country full of quirky surprises. This is a country where the absolute monarch voluntarily and peacefully ceded power to the people, where wellbeing & happiness trump income & wealth, where forests …
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Of Temples and Margaritas – Cambodia

2 ‐ 6 December, 2018

5 Days/4 Nights


Of Temples and Margaritas – Cambodia An awe inspiring sunrise over the world’s largest religious structure, Angkor Wat, cycling around the paddy fields in the early evening and sipping the most delicious Margarita (made more delicious by the fact that it cost just 200 Rupees) – made for a perfect first day at Siem Reap …
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An Indochine adventure – Vietnam

6 ‐ 14 December, 2018

9 Days/8 Nights


An Indochine adventure – Vietnam Join us for 9 days of a complete sensory overload! Vietnam – Not what you saw in B-grade American war movies, but a nation that has bounced back from the ravages of war and dogmatic Communism and is as full of beauty as it is full of hope. Feel your …
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Bucket List Series # 2-Chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland

15 ‐ 22 December, 2018

8 Days/7 Nights

256,000.00 250,000.00

Bucket List Series # 2-Chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland 15th December – 22nd December (8 days / 7 nights) Wonderful World invites you to an adventure in Iceland where you get to experience the breathtaking natural beauty that the country has to offer as well as a chance to see the magical Aurora Borealis. …
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Bucket List series 1 – (Hunting the Northern Lights)

14 ‐ 23 February, 2019

10 Days/9 Nights

215,000.00 199,000.00

Bucket List series 1 – (Hunting the Northern Lights) Would you like to be one of the few women that get to visit Norway? Yes, we know that it may be one of the most expensive countries in the world to visit – but it also has some of the highest Aurora Borealis activity in …
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