Ruins amongst the Boulders – Hampi, Badami, Aihole & Pattadkal

25 ‐ 29 December, 2018

5 Days/4 Nights


Take a journey back in time to an age of splendour and glory. Feel the stress of city life fade away amidst boulder-strewn hills in the most magical part of the Tungabhadra Valley. At Hampi, the river unites two distinct cultures. We have the ancient, mysterious ruins of the Vijayanagara Empire, on the one hand, …
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A Long Weekend on the Eastern Seaboard: Puducherry & Mahabalipuram

19 ‐ 22 January, 2019

4 Days/3 Nights


A Long Weekend on the Eastern Seaboard: Puducherry and Mahabalipuram 19–22 January 2019 (3 nights / 4 days)   How many places in India will you get a chance to paddle out on a surfboard and yell ‘Surf’s Up!’ with abandon? Not too many, we assure you! But Wonderful World offers you a weekend break …
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Of Pagodas and Palaces: Myanmar

9 ‐ 16 February, 2019

8 Days/7 Nights


Of Pagodas and Palaces: Myanmar 9–16 February 2019 (7 nights / 8 days) (Yangon – Bagan – Inle – Yangon) Wonderful World’s maiden Myanmar trip was in December 2016 and since then we have not been able to shut up about how spectacular the trip was. So, in the spirit of generosity and sharing all …
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Hunting the Northern Lights : NORWAY

14 ‐ 23 February, 2019

10 Days/9 Nights


Hunting the Northern Lights: NORWAY Would you like to be one of the few women that get to visit Norway? Yes, we know that it may be one of the most expensive countries in the world to visit – but it also has some of the highest Aurora Borealis activity in the world – Tromsø …
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Vietnam and Cambodia trip

An Indo-chine Adventure: Vietnam and Cambodia

16 ‐ 26 February, 2019

11 Days/10 Nights


An Indo-chine Adventure: Vietnam and Cambodia 16–26 February 2019 (10 nights / 11 days) (Siem Reap – HCMC – Hội An – Hanoi – Ha Long Bay) Join us on our 11-day-long Vietnam and Cambodia trip for a complete sensory overload! Start with Cambodia. Catch an awe-inspiring sunrise over the world’s largest religious structure, Angkor …
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The Last Shangri-La: Bhutan

3 ‐ 10 March, 2019

8 Days/7 Nights


Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, sandwiched between Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh, is a bewitching country full of quirky surprises. This is a country where the absolute monarch voluntarily and peacefully ceded power to the people, where well-being and happiness trump income and wealth, where forests can never cover less than 60% of the …
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A Balkan Escape: Croatia and Slovenia

6 ‐ 18 April, 2019

13 Days/12 Nights


A Balkan Escape: Croatia and Slovenia 6–18 April 2019 (12 nights / 13 days) (Zagreb – Ljubljana – Rovinj – Plitvice – Split – Dubrovnik) In 2018 we planned our maiden tour to Croatia – it was quite a success. But once there, Slovenia, the charming neighbour, lured us. So much to see, so little …
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A Middle Eastern Sojourn: Jordan

6 ‐ 13 April, 2019

8 Days/7 Nights


Jordan has got to be the most underrated and undersold tourist destinations in this country. Why the discerning Indian traveler does not fling herself headlong into this beautiful, charming
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The Great Escape: Turkey and Greece

13 ‐ 25 April, 2019

13 Days/12 Nights


The Great Escape: Turkey and Greece 13–25 April 2019 (12 nights / 13 days) (Istanbul – Cappadocia – Athens – Mykonos – Santorini) Remember the dialogue from the movie Dil Dhadakne Do? ‘Istanbul, is naam me kuch jaadu hai, yahan kuch bhi ho sakta hai!’ Nothing can be more true. Istanbul is truly a magical city. It …
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Through the Rhododendron Blooms: West Sikkim

14 ‐ 21 April, 2019

8 Days/7 Nights


Did you know the rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal? But you needn’t go all the way to catch a glimpse. We have them aplenty in our country, and you have a chance to catch more than just a glimpse as we trek through Sikkim. Our trek covers the higher reaches of the Barsey …
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A Walk in Persia: Iran with Yazd extension

14 ‐ 25 April, 2019

12 Days/11 Nights


A Walk in Persia: Iran: 14–23 April 2019 (9 nights / 10 days) with Yazd extension: 14–25 April 2019 (11 nights / 12 days) (Tehran – Isfahan – Shiraz – Yazd) Historical facts about Iran include tales about the first great Persian emperor Darius I, dating back to 330 BC. Since then the country has …
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A Middle Eastern Sojourn: Jordan and Israel

3 ‐ 14 November, 2019

12 Days/11 Nights


Jordan and Israel, somewhat underrated destinations for the modern traveler, are slowly finding their way on to the tourist map. Join Wonderful World on this 12-day ultimate Jordan and Israel tour, crafted just for you. The hotels have been carefully chosen to ensure that we are centrally located and within charming environs, and, most importantly, …
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