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Travel Safety Tips for Women

For the last few years, women across the world have been travelling for leisure and business. Either as a solo traveller or in small groups, women prefer living lives on their own terms. Now, it doesn’t matter to them whether they speak the local language, live in resorts or travel to a developed or a developing country. Women, simply want to travel.

Those who have been travelling for years might have their share of fun and goof-ups, however, for those who are not confident, here are a few women travel safety tips that will get you started.

Research your destination:

Trust us, researching your destination is as good as being there. Going through the pictures and finding the most beautiful beaches, cities and things to do will make you rethink; should I extend my stay?

While you do so, make sure you look upon safety information. This will help you ensure that you book a stay in neighbourhoods that are safe and public transport, and taxes are available with ease. Medical centres are close by and more.
Reading up on safety ratings and experiences shared by previous clients of a hotel, lodges are always a win-win situation.

Even if you intend to indulge in some adventure sports or late night clubbing, make sure you read.
Finding such information before you head out is a good idea.

Transit safely:

Packing bag needs to be done smartly.

Carrying the things that you need on your day trip is highly suggested. As a traveller, you are likely to carry your smartphone, laptops, tablets, DSLR with expensive lenses, etc. Make sure you don’t fill these items in your checked in bag or onto the luggage hold on a bus. Instead, carry a separate bag that you will have on you at all times. Do make it a point to carry your passport, your medication, your jewellery, your credit cards and some local currency.

Don’t tell people your location:

If you’re travelling alone, don’t mention the name or your hotel or where you are staying. If you feel very uncomfortable, make sure you don’t share at all. Also, if you are planning on meeting someone, meet at a local landmark that’s popular and crowded at any time of the day.

Learn to read situations:

There could be endless situations that could get you in trouble, while some are obvious, there are times when you feel uncomfortable, nervous or get negative vibes.

Just don’t go ahead.  It’s okay to offend people or being rude, self-preservation is the most important thing you can do to stay safe:

Dress like a local:

Well, dressing up the way you want it wherever you go is how we would like to keep things. However, there are certain countries, cities that are best when you blend in. One way to do so is simply dressing up like a local.

Knowing where to splurge and save:

Travelling to a new city will let you do pendently of things. However, make sure you know where to spend and save.

Make a local friend:

Honestly, a local friend is like a bonus. They will show you around, give you endless tips and help you save money and have loads of fun.

Just make sure you have found the right one.

Opt for small group travel:

Some countries will let you walk alone at night and make you feel safe, while others might be impossible to invade outdoors. In such cases, travelling with experienced small women travel groups like us is a good idea. We make sure our trips are safe, allow for a richer experience, less hassle & assure you come back with good memories.

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