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5 Fascinating Facts about Reunion Island

A French-styled Paradise: Reunion Island

As you travel East of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, a speck of land lies. Many people have never even heard of it, much less toured. It’s called Reunion and it is one of the most incredible island utopias on the earth.

Extending out of the sea like a shelter covered in green, Réunion is a mysterious island that has a truly extraordinary variety of landscapes. You will see impressive peaks, emerald forests, falling waterfalls, soul-stirring views, dynamic seaside towns and a handful of white- or black-sand beaches – and of course the imposing Piton de la Fournaise, an example of the world’s most conveniently approachable volcano. With its remarkably diverse terrain, Réunion is a fantasy destination for enthusiasts of the outdoors. Hiking is the key activity, but canyoning, mountain biking, paragliding, diving, whale watching, rafting,   and horse riding are also easily available.

But it’s not only about the natural beauty of this land, the landscapes, and adrenaline rush here – Réunion has its cultural gems as well, including striking Creole construction in cute-as-can-be villages as well as colorful religious buildings and festivals.

For something to do on Reunion Island, there’s always a performance, a traditional program or a Kabar* planned across the four corners of this place. In Reunion, music is the hero of the daily lives of its natives, setting the tone for vacationers’ nights during the entire year.

A French-styled Paradise: Reunion Island
A French-styled Paradise: Reunion Island

5 Interesting Facts about Reunion Island

1. Since France and Reunion Island are legally not separate places, interestingly the flight between them is only a domestic flight. Granted, it takes 11 hours to get from one Paris to Reunion — but you’ll start and end your flight like any other domestic flight within France; there will be no immigration procedures or international security checks.

2. The capital is Saint-Denis, which is about 4.8 square miles or 12.4 square kilometers for those who follow the metric system and the population is  147,000

3. As it is a part of the EU, not surprisingly the Euro is the currency in Reunion

4. Interestingly Reunion Island was taken over by the French in 1643 and named as Bourbon. (Why did they have to change the name? Such a great name)

5.  Interestingly the culture of here is part of European, African, Indian, and Chinese. But Reunion Creole, arisen from French, is the commonly spoken dialect in this paradise.

What are you waiting for? Reunion Island is calling you!
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